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Invite friends and receive 20 Euro!

You already bet on sport and want to share your joy with your friend? Help them to register and become a full member on betnano.direct, and we will award you with 20 Euro as a bonus (10 Euro to each of you).

Write the name and ID of the player you helped to register, verify on betnano.direct and make a deposit in the amount of 20 Euro. Send the data to [email protected], mentioning your name and ID as well. We will check all the data and in case all the steps are taken, we will transfer a freebet to you and your friend in the amount of 10 Euro each.

IMPORTANT! At the moment of sending the e-mail your and your friend’s gaming accounts should already be verified and your friend should make a deposit in the amount of 20 Euro

Conditions of the usage of the freebet:

– Single, the odds – 1.5;

– Multiple, at least 3 events, odds – 1.5 each;

– Bets are available only for Live and Pre-match sportsbook

– Period of the freebet usage – 21 days

Important. The new player should be registered. The transfer of the freebet will be implemented after the fulfillment of all the conditions. Thus, send the application letter for the bonus only after you help your friend take all the steps. This will help you receive the bonus easier. The one who helps the friend should have a verified account before the letter is sent in order to receive the bonus. It is necessary to fulfill all the conditions of the promotion to receive the Bonus. The more friends you help, the more you will earn.

*The organizer reserves a right to amend the period of the Promotion and/or change the rules of the Promotion at its discretion without informing the participants in advance.